Olga Сherepiekhina is a practicing psychologist, family and child psychologist, resource therapist, psychosomatic disorders therapist (with international certificates), art therapist, coach, sexologist, business coach. She is the founder and head of the Institute for Development of Practical Psychology, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cand. Sc. in Psychologhy. She is the author and presenter of educational programs related to psychology and art therapy. Olga has extensive experience in individual and family counseling and psychotherapy; she has been engaged in training work since 1998. She is the organizer of a number of all-Ukrainian conferences on psychology, pedagogy, art-therapy, psychotherapy, therapy. She is a Master of Education, certified coach, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Organizational Psychologists and Labor Psychologists, a member of the Eastern Ukrainian Association of Art Therapy, a leader of transformational psychotherapeutic games. Olga is the author of more than 250 scientific papers on psychology as well as a number of books, teaching aids, monographs. She teaches psychology in a University.

Cand. Sc. in Psychologhy, Associate Professor, practicing psychologist, art therapist, family and child psychologist, sexologist, coach, business advisor, and group coach

A lecturer at the University; teaches a number of subjects related to psychotherapy and psychotherapy consultations.
Leads psychotherapeutic groups and additional training for psychologists.
Regularly participates in professional development programs and acquires additional specialties. The founder and the head of the Institute of Development of Practical Psychology.

Has been practicing as a psychologist since 1998.

Areas of focus:

  • Scientifically grounded psychological and sexology consultations (60 minutes, 450 UAH / 2000 rubles / 35 euros), during which the specific issue that concerns you will be analyzed and the recommendations formulated;
  • Long-term psychological support. This kind of service will suit those who have tied themselves into knots, lost sense of their lives, as well as for those who are concerned about their psycho-emotional and physical condition and want to understand themselves and others, to start living their own lives;
  • Children’s psychotherapy, family and individual counseling;
  • Trainings, therapeutic and educational, incl. corporate ones;
  • Advice as to solving problems of any complexity.

Some of the issues I deal with:

  • Misunderstanding of the current life situation;
  • Dissatisfaction with yourself, with someone else, with life in general;
  • Fears and phobias;
  • Uncompleted relations and stages of life; unsettled matters;
  • Psychosomatic disorders;
  • Sexual problems;
  • Crises in personal relations;
  • Assistance in deep self-understanding, finding your purpose in this life;
  • Overcoming obesity;
  • Problems with conceiving, pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

We can communicate not only at my office, but also online through Skype or Viber.
Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Visiting days:: by appointment.

I work in the following areas:
Art therapy, Psychoanalytic therapy, Psychodrama, guided affective imagery, System constellations, Emotional-shaped therapy, Jungian analysis.