Choose the format of counseling that suits you best:

  • Individual consultation (one-to-one advice)

    This type of our interaction is suitable for almost all kinds of difficult situations, especially if you understand that your problem has deep roots in your childhood or is related to your parents’ attitudes and family scenarios.

  • Relationship and family counseling

    This form of work is suitable for those who are ready to visit me together as a couple or a family (or part of it). Such a format allows the psychologist to see the family as a system and work out the solution to the problem at a deeper level.

  • Individual treatment – online

    Online Individual consultation (via Skype or Viber) will suit you if you and I live in different cities or countries, or in case you would like to stay in the comfort of your home during the consultation.

  • Coaching

    This format of work is suitable if you understand that you need help in your personal development to remove restrictions that prevent you from achieving significant and sustainable changes in your professional and personal life.