What can I do for you:

  • One-to-one
    You are welcome to arrange a meeting with me if you found yourself in a challenging situation, if you want to enhance the quality of your life and restore the state of inner balance and harmony. Various issues associated with relations, health, meaningful choice, career, aggression, fears, phobias, addictions, depression, apathy, anxiety, loneliness, guilt, jealousy, envy, resentment, seeking the purpose of your life, creation of new life scenarios and much more will find their solution.
  • Relationship
    sexual counseling
    If you have any difficulties or questions related to such issues, e.g. how to improve inter-spousal relations, or you want to understand why you are still alone, or if you are not satisfied with quality of existing relations with your partner, or you are interested in solving problems in inter-spousal relations – let’s find answers to your questions together, for you to regain the natural feeling of joy you used to experience..

  • Coaching
    You are welcome to contact me if you understand you need help in facilitating your development and eliminating restrictions that prevent you from achieving significant and sustainable changes in your professional and personal life. Contact me if you need to define your goals, the desired result and find the best ways to achieve them; if you need support in achieving your goals, as well as in creating a system of internal and external “pillars” to help you achieve them. If you need help in prioritizing, based on your values, not the urgency of the work. If you need assistance in your moving towards financial and personal growth, if you want to learn of your so-called “white spots”, i.e. the areas that are invisible or inaccessible to the usual conditions; get a chance to reveal your strengths and talents, to live your life to the full and be happy.
  • Family consulting on the issues related
    to children and adolescents
    If you want to restore or improve relationships with your troublesome child or teenager, if you need to choose and understand your parental position in dealing with your kid who is reserved, aggressive, disobedient, autistic, hyperactive, or sickly – contact me, and I will help you find the best ways to help your child.
  • Looking for the meaning
    of life, finding your
    place in life
    If you want to understand your true calling and live in accordance with it, to develop your personality harmoniously and for the good, – contact me and I will help you come to understanding and awareness of your Path.
  • Crisis psychological aid,
    overcoming psychic
    trauma and fears
    If you have experienced a situation which you consider a stress, grief, loss, fear, and still worry about it explicitly or somewhere deep down, – address, you shouldn’t keep painful experiences. Contact me, and we gently touch the cause of your experiences, to enable you make your life happy, leaving sorrow in the past.
  • Short-term and
    long-term psychotherapy
    If you notice that some situation occurs repeatedly throughout your life, i.e., the same scenario in your personal relations, this is the sign that you should understand the reason of it and determine what you did incorrectly before. In such a case, during therapy we’ll work with your personality as a whole rather than thinking over the particular situation. We’ll find out how you build your life, based on your judgments and past experience.
  • Counseling for psychosomatic
    disorders (i.e. mind-body problems)
    If you have recurrent physical symptoms, suffer from ailments and illnesses, have sleep disorders, eating disorders, feel any discomfort ranging from disagreeable sensations to illness, – contact us and we will find your way out of illness to sound health.

  • Trainings
    Conducting various trainings using sophisticated techniques: in-company trainings, therapeutic trainings, training classes.

  • Еxecutive coaching
    Consulting for organizations, coaching for top management.


Meet Olga Cherepiekhina

I have been working as a counseling psychologist since 1998. I am a certified specialist in the following fields: family and child psychology, life-coaching, art therapy, sexology, developmental counseling, resource psychotherapy. I am a business coach, psychosomatic disorders therapist, leader of transformational psychotherapeutic tabletop games, the founder and the head of the Public Organization called The Institute of Development of Practical Psychology. I am a Cand. Sc. in Psychology, Associate professor, PhD. I teach psychology in a University.

I provide both one-time consultations as well as work out themes for long-term therapy. You can address me on various issues, e.g. relationships, health, significant choices, career, search for life purpose, difficult life situations and much more. I believe that it is important for a person to live in harmony with himself and with the world, self-actualize according to his true calling, living this life in joy, awareness and productive interaction. If you find yourself in a tough situation, want to improve the quality of your life, restore the state of inner balance and harmony, I welcome you to arrange a meeting with me. I will help you to find the resources that will enable you to live your live happily.

My areas of expertise include the following: coaching, art therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, psychodrama, guided affective imagery, systemic family constellations, emotion-image therapy.


the list of the nearest training courses:

  • Training courses of organizational
    and management set

    Trainings related to team building, managerial skills, time management, goal setting, improving employee relations. Sophisticated copyright-protected programs for corporate clients, i.e. organizations and businesses.

  • Vocational training courses for nurturant professionals

    Certification training for psychologists, educators, social workers who are interested in upgrading their skills and vocation education in the sphere of psychology and art therapy.

  • Trainings for self-development and personal growth

    This training helps the participant to find simple answers to complex questions, leads to improving the quality of his life and develops the ability to make independent decisions leading to success.

  • Therapeutic trainings in the form of transformation psychotherapeutic tabletop games

    “Goddess in every woman”, “Successful solutions”, “Wheel of life” and many others are transformational psychotherapeutic tabletop games. Playing these games will enable you will be able to get a comprehensive view of the problematic situations that you’re interested in, identify possible ways to solve it, so that you will be able to find creative ways to unleash your potential, became happier in your life. You’ll gain insight into your life situations, see what caused them and how to get out of them; you will rethink your attitudes and interpretations, get clues from the Universe and valuable life experiences shared by other participants.


choose the format of counseling that suits you best

  • Individual consultation (one-to-one advice)

    This type of our interaction is suitable for almost all kinds of difficult situations, especially if you understand that your problem has deep roots in your childhood or is related to your parents’ attitudes and family scenarios.

  • Relationship and family counseling

    This form of work is suitable for those who are ready to visit me together as a couple or a family (or part of it). Such a format allows the psychologist to see the family as a system and work out the solution to the problem at a deeper level.

  • Individual treatment – online

    online Individual consultation (via Skype or Viber)
    will suit you if you and I live in different cities or countries, or in case you would like to stay in the comfort of your home during the consultation.

  • Coaching

    This format of work is suitable if you understand that you need help in your personal development to remove restrictions that prevent you from achieving significant and sustainable changes in your professional and personal life.


Advantages of my consulting services:

  • Anonymity

  • Convenient place for consultations

  • Different forms of interaction available

  • Environmentally friendly and cautious

  • Experience and education

  • Cooperation

  • Meetings can be held on-line

  • Positive result


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