OH cards: both time proven and innovation techniques for various types of queries

A two-module intensive training project:

“OH cards: both time proven and innovation techniques for various types of queries”

Certified by the Institute of Development of Practical Psychology and the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

This training seminar is created for those who want their work to bring them joy, energy and, last but not least, money!

Who are welcomed:

psychologists, psychotherapists, consultants, social care teachers, coaches, educators, students and specialists of nurturer professions who are interested in application of OH cards and non-authorial pictures in their practice.

Dear colleagues, we would like to invite you to a new unique intensive certification training seminar by Сherepiekhina Olha “OH cards: both time proven and innovation techniques for various types of queries”.

The objective:

to teach use of OH cards in psychodiagnostics, counseling and psychotherapy of adults and children with diverse needs.

At this seminar you will master the following skills and techniques:

  • turning a complaint into a request;
  • discover the magic world of metaphors;
  • get acquainted with the history of OH cards: how they were invented and used
  • filling yourself with resource state;
  • overcoming fears;
  • studying the self-concept, working with social roles and subpersonalities;
  • self-actualization, setting life goals, time planning, identifying eco-friendly ways to achieve the desired results, finding the right solution in a situation of making choice, working out the problem of professional burnout, working out financial requests, searching for a resource;
  • dealing with requests related to fears, offences, guilt, self-distrust;
  • working with psychotrauma and recovery from crisis situations;
  • resolving conflict situations;
  • for counseling couples and families;
  • dealing with psychosomatic problems;
  • increasing femininity;
  • personal and spiritual growth;
  • development of creativity;
  • understand multipurposeness of this psychological tool;
  • learn about the basic principles and ways of using OH cards;
  • learn how to conduct individual consultations based of OH cards;
  • learn and practice the model of effective psychotherapy on the basis of OH cards;
  • master simple and effective psychologic techniques based on the OH cards.

The training leader:

Сherepiekhina Olha Anatolyevna is the author and presenter of educational programs on psychology and art therapy; the founder and head of the Institute of Development of Practical Psychology. She has 20 years’ experience in individual and family counseling and psychotherapy, as well as in carrying out psychological trainings. Olga is a practicing psychologist, Cand. Sc. in Psychology, Associate professor, author of books, Master of Education, certified coach, family and child psychologist, art therapist, coach, business coach, member of the Ukrainian Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, member of the Eastern Ukrainian Association of Art Therapy, the organizer of such All-Ukrainian festivals as “Art Practitioner” and “Crisis as a resource”.

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