“Goddess in every woman” – a psychological board game for women

Dear Ladies, we are happy to invite you to the psychological table game


You are a Woman, You are Life itself!
A Woman… To be a woman is the greatest happiness and plenty of self-improvement work at the same time.
A woman is energy, passion, strength and intuition.
She is beauty, she is the source, the backbone of everything, she is a sorceress, a healer, a treasurer of everything on the Earth…
Woman is like water: affectionate and warm, pure and reflective, carrying along the channel of life, protecting and guarding, feeding and filling…
A woman is like a stream… A stream of tenderness, inspiration, affection, warmth, love…
She is strength and wisdom, knowledge and ability to give out without expecting anything in return, unconditional love and acceptance…
It is pacification and love, domesticity and comfort, smiles and joy, evoking the desire to be where SHE appears…
And we know for sure that somewhere deep inside You understand this perfectly!

Dear friends, this is a THRILL OF A GAME, which changes lives for the better! It is a A GAME rather than a training or a seminar; it is a space where all desires of your Soul come true. Transformations, which have long been sought and expected. Buy a ticket to your being happy as a woman!


Do you want to gain insight into the issues, which are important for you, to advance in solving the problems that have long worried your heart? If yes, you have

5 reasons why you should play this game:

Reason # 1. You can get a comprehensive view of the problem or situation you are interested in, identify possible ways to solve it.

Reason # 2. You will succeed in finding creative ways to make the most of your potential.

Reason # 3. You will definitely discover new facets on the diamond of your femininity.

Reason # 4. You can become happier in your life as a woman.

Reason # 5. You will understand your life situations, see what caused them and how to solve the problems (i.e. how to get what you want from a man, how to get married, what to do to become more attractive, etc.)

Who are welcome:

girls and women ONLY – of all ages, nations and religious beliefs.

Here we have put together plenty of what women knew in ancient times about restoring content and joy of life — for you to simply Be a Woman. I am happy to share this knowledge with you. Prepare to learn something new and, perhaps, even unexpected. Turn to yourself, turn to your own being, open the doors of your gentle and feminine soul, fill yourself with inspiration, love, joy and confidence, and a new horizon of understanding will open up before you… Let yourself become happier!

5 bonuses: what you personally will receive from playing this game

  • During the game, every girl and woman will get acquainted with her primary archetype.
  • In real life, it will enable her to understand her habitual behavior in a given situation.
  • Having spotted the personality traits similar to those of one of the goddesses, a girl or a woman can effectively use this knowledge in real life.
  • Each archetype contains many resource components, so, through this game a woman gets acquainted with her strengths.
  • You will rethink your attitudes, views, get clues from the Universe as well as valuable life experience from other participants.

Psychological female transformation game “Goddess in every woman” is based on archetypes of ancient Greek goddesses.

This game was developed by N. Chukhvitskaya, a practical psychologist.

The game leader:

Olha A. Сherepiekhina is a psychologist, Cand. Sc. in Psychologhy, a certified leader of the game “Goddess in every woman”, family psychologist, art therapist, coach, business coach, member of the Ukrainian Association of Organizational Psychologists and Labor Psychologists, a member of the Eastern Ukrainian Association of Art Therapy, the organizer of the All-Ukrainian festival “Art Practitioner” in Zaporizhzhya, head of the Institute of Development of Practical Psychology.

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    Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhya, Zaporozhzhya), Ukraine

    The optimal number of participants:

    from 3 to 8 people per game.

    Register via phone:

    +380 50 531 87 37

    +380 97 411 28 47

    Olha Anatolyevna Сherepiekhina

    Please register beforehand!