Transformation psychotherapeutic tabletop game “Wheel of Life”

The psychotherapeutic transformation tabletop game

“Wheel of Life”

Dear friends, this is a THRILL OF A GAME that will help you improve quality of your life and find answers to the questions you’ve been long looking for!

Register for the game and discover more resources and opportunities. Only positive result are guaranteed!


If you are constantly moving forward, ready to change your life and go to the heights of success – WELCOME! If you are looking for a unique opportunity to advance in UNDERSTANDING your life situation and identify possible ways to solve it – this game is for you!

The game will infuse you with DETERMINATION to take action, expand your VISION of the issue, enable you to be sincere and honest with the most important and precious person – with YOURSELF!

Dear Friends, if you want to get answers to questions related to diverse aspects of your life, learn how to deal with internal obstacles on your life path (e.g. opinions, habits, attitudes) or just understand at what stage of life you are now and what is really valuable for you at present, you should join us and play the Psychological Game “Wheel of Life”.

We invite everyone over 14 years old.


The game “Wheel of Life” is the only psychological transformation game licensed in Ukraine (decision of the regional psychological expert commission of May 28, 2013, protocol No. 9). The author of the game is Elena Tararina.


Both in life and in a game, everything comes in response to our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, feelings. What are you thinking about? What reality are you creating?

Conditionally, a human life can be divided into 8 spheres (directions) of activities: family (dynasty), personal life (your partner and you), rest (passive time), leisure (hobbies, hobbies), career, health, friends, and spiritual life.

These 8 spheres are represented in the form of sectors on a wheel. For a life to be full and harmonious, it is important that a person should maintain balance between the spheres of life, so that the “wheel of our life” rolls in the right, correct direction. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In certain periods of our life, we stop paying due attention to one or more spheres of life, and the “wheel of our life” changes direction or moves in the wrong way. In order to harmonize all these spheres of life, this psychological game was created.

How the game was created.The author of this psychological game is E. Tararina, a practical psychologist.

Actually, the term Life-couching is quite applicable to the psychological game “Wheel of life”.

The transformational metaphorical game “Wheel of life” can be used in the following spheres:

  • Relations (in all spheres):

    • Who is to blame for a tough situation: “they all are bad” or “it just happened” so?
    • How to get out of a downfall of relations, recover harmony of feelings and joy in life?
    • How to find love and get married??
  • Plans, projects, new ideas, work:

    • How to build relationships that will not upset your plans?
    • Who is your main ally in solving ambitious tasks?
    • I want to change the job – where should I go?
  • Business development:

    • What or who hinders effective development of your business?
    • How to make the most of your internal resources?
    • Self-actualization, mission, spiritual growth.
    • “What is my true calling?”
    • “What is the meaning (mission) of my life?”
  • Corporate issues (sales, starting new projects, start of business).


Unlike standard training processes, the game creates a space of constant responsibility for the player’s choice with minimal leader’s intervention.

Transformation is characterized by quick results, unexpected changes: just in one game you can achieve the result that takes years to get in real life.


The goal of the GAME is to get a comprehensive vision of the problematic situation you are interested in working out and identify possible ways to solve the problem.

Transformation is characterized by quick results, unexpected changes: just in one game you can achieve the result that takes years to get in real life.

The game fulfils the following tasks:

  • Enables to look at the situation from a new point of view and offers the solution to the problem;
  • Helps to see the root of the problem and find the resource;
  • Deals with any request from any sphere of life;
  • Enhances associative thinking;
  • Teaches you to take responsibility for the events that occur in your life;
  • Nurtures communication skills.

YOU will:

  • spend a few hours with your goal and understand whether it is really yours;
  • find out why you haven’t taken the first step yet;
  • see the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal and the resources you have!

The training helps participants realize their goals and resources they have, enable them to look at themselves as if from outside, to realize their unconscious attitudes. The key moment of coaching through the game WHEEL OF LIFE is the following: the participants themselves set a goal for the game, work out the options for solving their problem and, together with the leader formulate the fixation on success.

During the training, participants change their inefficient strategies of thinking or actions to effective, “winning” ones.


A psychological game.

For you as a participant, each game is a new meeting with yourself and an opportunity to solve the problems in an optimal and constructive way, to take a fresh look at the current circumstances, to realize your advantages and resources.


Olha Сherepiekhina is a CERTIFIED LEADER of the psychological game “Wheel of Life”, author and presenter of educational programs related to psychology and art therapy; the founder and head of the Institute of Development of Practical Psychology. Olha has extensive experience in individual and family counseling and psychotherapy; she has been engaged in carrying out psychological trainings since 1998. Olga is a practicing psychologist, Cand. Sc. in Psychologhy, Associate professor, author of books, Master of Education, certified coach, family and child psychologist, art therapist, coach, business coach, member of the Ukrainian Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, member of the Eastern Ukrainian Association of Art Therapy, the organizer of such All-Ukrainian festivals as “Art Practitioner” and “Crisis as a Resource”.


  • Bonus #1. Personal and spiritual growth, getting the response to your current requests.
  • Bonus #2. Awareness of the causes of your self-defeating behavior and interaction with others; finding ways to overcome them, new experiences of happy creative life.
  • Bonus #3. Productive communication in psychologically comfortable, resource-filled environment.
  • Bonus #4. Professional feedback and help.
  • Bonus #5. Productive communication with new acquaintances.
  • Bonus #6. Delicious coffee, tea with biscuits and special treats.
  • Bonus #7. Boost of energy and resource state.
  • Bonus #8. The opportunity to identify, develop and optimally unlock your personal and creative potential while working out difficult situations in life.
  • Bonus #9. You will be able to become the author and creator of your own life!
  • Bonus #10. You will be able to effectively establish and maintain relationships with people; learn the ways to preserve your mental, physical and sexual health.
  • Bonus #11. You will master skills that will enable you overcome difficulties in meeting the challenges of the modern world and existential realities.
  • Bonus #12. You will make the most of your creative potential.

After this training, you will:

  • Learn how to consciously make choices and determine your main goals, i. e. resource goals.
  • Learn in practice the basic principles of correct formulation of your wishes.
  • Find the contradictions that hindered fulfillment of your dreams before and neutralize them.
  • Discover emotional and spiritual resources that will help you always achieve what you want.
  • Understand, feel and accept your Goals and Wishes, which you really dream to achieve.

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